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Posted on February 22nd, 2013
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I am extremely thankful to Tetra Pak for giving me this opportunity to visit their factory in Chakan, Pune and knowing about the operational level working of the unit which is also working towards this noble cause of recycling and preserving nature. It was an eye opener for me to realize and seeing the use of state of the art technology and robots for manufacturing the Tetra Pak packaging which uses Aseptic Technology for giving a safe, hygienic packaging material to preserve nutrition and taste of its contents.

The atmosphere and environment inside the Chakan plant itself was amazing as every aspect has been taken care for saving the resources of our planet earth.

I am touched emotionally by the extra efforts taken by the entire team of Tetra Pak towards making environment friendly products.

I am also impressed especially by the innovative manner in which the waste or scrap is getting collected at every stage of the processing of Tetra Pak till the final stage and then sent for recycling.

The following are my personal notes regarding my visit to Chakan plant towards their green initiatives:

  1. True contenders for LEED
  2. Follow 6 elements of Green
  • Sustainability
  • Energy conservation – Follows North Light concept for roofing which saves electricity during day time as natural light for working during  manufacturing
  • Water conservation – Rain water harvesting
  • IEOH (Indoor Environment Occupational Health)
  • Material conservation – Bricks made of fly ash (waste of thermal plant)
  • Innovations – PDIC section (Product Development and Innovation Centre) which is working towards creating ethic drinks on pilot basis so as to give ideas to other product organizations for looking after avenues for mass production of innovative ethics drinks. (for e.g. Lassi, sugarcane juice, Coconut water, Coconut milk)
  1. Tetra Pak plant is self-reliant and uses LNG for its own power generation and consumption, thus it is not dependent on MSEB supply of electricity for operating their plant, which is another green initiative to reduce their carbon footprint.
  2. During construction of their infrastructure the cement which is usually mixed on floor gets wasted and also contaminates the soil but at Tetra Pak plant the cement is mixed on metal plates to avoid soil contamination and reduce cement wastage. Even during application of cements on bricks it is also collected on those metal plates for reuse.
  3. Solar panels are installed for PDIC unit, canteen and office for energy conservation
  4. For reducing power consumption street lamps have LEDs
  5. Tetra Pak has started using FSC(Forest Stewardship Council) certified  paper– FSC is a certifying body which certifies forests- where more trees are grown than harvested
  6. Tetra Pak is zero discharge unit plant where no waste is discharged in the environment
  7. The factory site is also zero discharge landfill unit
  8. The factory uses battery operated vehicles for transportation of goods within the unit and protects the environment inside the unit by not emitting any smoke and following the principle of IEOH (Indoor Environment Occupational Health).
  9. The heat generated by generators used for power generation is ultimately trapped and used for cooling and air conditioning of the plant through vapour technology
  10. Hygienic standards and strict protocols adhered to such an extent that being a visitor even I was not allowed to enter in the manufacturing area with my jewellery and open hairs. No compromise at any stage.
  11. Plant does rain water harvesting activities as well.
  12. The water consumed within the unit is treated and reused for various purposes like watering plants and in washrooms.

Tetra Pak Pvt Ltd. has applied for gold certification from IGBC (Indian Green Building Council) and I feel they are the deserving contenders for this certification.

I wish them all the best for their future endeavours towards environment protection and sustainability efforts. I am proud to be associated with such an enterprise which has true vision for saving the valuable energy resources.

This visit has also given me a direction to do something and take initiatives for using renewable resources which is the need of the hour.


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